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The "Better Together" Premarital Workshop

Transform Your Relationship Before Saying "I Do"

How can we communicate more effectively?

In our course, you'll engage with activities focused on enhancing your listening and speaking skills. By understanding each other's communication styles and practicing active listening, you'll learn to express your needs and desires more clearly and compassionately.

Can we strengthen our emotional connection?

Through exercises designed to deepen intimacy, you'll explore new ways to connect and share experiences. These activities aim to reinforce your emotional bond, ensuring both partners feel valued and loved.

How do we handle disagreements?

Our strategies for conflict resolution are based on mutual respect and understanding. You'll discover how to approach disagreements constructively, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and deeper connection.

What about aligning our future goals?

The course guides you in identifying and aligning your individual and shared dreams for the future. Through visioning exercises and goal-setting, you'll create a roadmap for achieving your aspirations together.

What To Expect with the Better Together Workshop!

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  5. Celebrate a life "Better Together" because of the skills and tools you've learned!

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Twogether in Texas

All Texans can use these services.

There are no eligibility requirements.

Couples who complete this premarital course will receive a completion certificate that can be presented to a Texas county clerk for:

  • Up to $60 off their marriage license fee.

  • Waiving the 72-hour waiting period.

Meet Your Workshop Instructor

Josh Kellar, LMFT, LPC

A seasoned expert in relationship dynamics, Josh Kellar, combines years of research with compassionate coaching to enrich your journey toward marital bliss


Gottman Trained

As participants in this course, you'll benefit from my training with the Gottman Institute, gaining access to proven methods that enhance communication, resolve conflicts effectively, and deepen your emotional bond. Together, we'll engage in exercises and discussions grounded in research, designed to strengthen your partnership. You'll learn practical strategies to support each other's growth and build a lasting, fulfilling relationship.


Decades of Experience

Drawing on my extensive experience working with hundreds of couples, both before and after their weddings, I incorporate real-world insights and solutions into our course content. You'll benefit from strategies tailored to address a wide range of relationship dynamics and challenges. My approach is grounded in empathy and practicality, aimed at fostering stronger, more resilient partnerships.

Better Together - Overview of Lessons

Lessons 1 - 2: Building A Foundation of Connection


Your Story

This lesson delves into understanding and appreciating your unique relationship history through sharing pivotal experiences, utilizing Love Maps to deepen your knowledge of each other, and fostering a stronger emotional connection.


The Everyday Things

Emphasizes the significance of daily gestures and attentiveness to your partner's bids for connection, highlighting practical steps to incorporate these actions into everyday life to strengthen your bond.

Lesson 3: Assessing Your Satisfaction, Communication & Conflict Resolution

Three Couples Scales Assessment

Utilize the Three Couples Scales Assessment to evaluate and understand the strengths and areas for growth in satisfaction, communication, and conflict resolution.

Lessons 4-6: Fight for Understanding

Avoiding the Predictors of Relationship Disaster

Focuses on identifying and mitigating the "Four Horsemen" predictors of relationship challenges, offering strategies to replace harmful behaviors with constructive communication and empathy.


with Style

Features exercises such as the Couple Connection Checkup, Compromise Ovals, and Repair Checklist to enhance understanding, resolve conflicts, and support each other's needs effectively.

Turning Conflict Into Discovery

Explores the significance of understanding each other's deeper dreams and how they influence conflicts, along with strategies for turning conflicts into opportunities for discovery and connection.

Lessons 7-8: Keep Your Vision in Focus

Learning From Your Families of Origin to Set the Stage for Your Future

Examines how your families of origin shape your relationship dynamics and offers guidance on using these insights to foster a healthy, forward-looking partnership.



Relationship Legacy

Guides you in creating shared meaning through rituals, roles, symbols, and goals, complemented by visioning exercises to collaboratively design a future that reflects your shared values and dreams.

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