Divorce Care and Support Group

The moment you take off your wedding ring might feel like an end, but it’s also the start of something new. In our support group, you'll find a warm, understanding community ready to help you turn the page. We’re all about real talk, genuine connections, and practical steps to move forward after divorce. It's not just about moving on; it's about moving up to a future you redefine. Come join us and start crafting your next chapter.

A Clear Path

A strategy specifically designed for relationship loss.

Personalized Care

Your story matters. Your healing is the priority.

Shared Community

You're not walking through this process alone. You have support here.


Healing Heartbreak Together

Find solace and understanding in a community where heartbreak is shared, and healing is a collective journey.


Unravel and Rebuild

Dive deep into the roots of relationship unraveling to rebuild a stronger, more self-aware version of yourself.


Embrace the Power of Grief

Learn to navigate your grief as a pathway to healing, discovering balance and renewal in the process.


From Anger to Insight

Transform anger and confusion into insights about yourself and your relationships, fostering personal growth and emotional resilience.


Create a Foundation for Forgiveness

Unlock the power of forgiveness and letting go, facilitating a journey towards peace and personal freedom.


Secure Your Emotional Future

Lay the groundwork for future relationships with a newfound understanding of emotional security and attachment strategies.

Here's what you can expect in the

Divorce Care and Support Group

Each of the 8 sessions has a different focus to help you understand and move through the pain of your relationship loss.

Embracing Our Stories of Love and Loss

Main Focus: We begin our journey together by understanding the deep connections that bind us, exploring the theories of love and attachment, and acknowledging the pain that comes with loss.

Objective: To create a supportive space where we can share our stories, recognize the universal experiences of attachment and loss, and take the first steps toward healing together.

Understanding the Unraveling

Main Focus: Together, we delve into the patterns that may have led to our relationships' challenges, exploring how cycles of distress and attachment strategies play a role in our experiences.

Objective: To gain insights into the dynamics of relationship distress, empowering us with the knowledge to understand our past and navigate our emotional landscapes more effectively.

Discovering Our Attachment Styles

Main Focus: This session is about looking inward to understand our attachment strategies and how they've shaped our relationships and responses to loss.

Objective: By identifying our own attachment styles, we aim to foster self-awareness and set the stage for healing relational traumas in a supportive environment.

The Journey Through Anger and Attachment

Main Focus: We explore the complex emotions of anger and grief within the context of our attachments, learning to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy expressions.

Objective: Our goal is to transform our relationship with anger, using it as a tool for insight and growth, while preventing it from keeping us stuck in our healing journey.

Grieving with


Main Focus: Grief is a powerful, multifaceted emotion. This session focuses on processing grief through an attachment-focused lens, aiming for balance and understanding.

Objective: To support each other in turning towards our emotional worlds, managing our grief with grace, and knowing when and how to seek further help.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Main Focus: We'll explore the concepts of acceptance, detachment, and the personal growth that can arise from our deepest challenges.

Objective: To inspire each other with stories of resilience, understanding how forgiveness and letting go are key steps in reorganizing our lives and narratives after loss.


Inner Security

Main Focus: This session is dedicated to understanding our emotions on a deeper level and learning effective strategies for emotional regulation and self-support.

Objective: To cultivate a secure base within ourselves, enhancing our emotional intelligence and preparing us for healthier future relationships.

Future Relationships and Emotional Security

Main Focus: We look forward, considering how to bring security and health into future relationships, recognizing secure attachment in ourselves and potential partners.

Objective: To celebrate our growth and the support we've given each other, leaving with tools to foster secure, loving relationships in the future.

Rediscover Yourself:

Embrace Growth and New Beginnings After Divorce

Divorce Care and Support Group Facilitator

Josh Kellar, LMFT, LPC

"Through the echoes of our lost relationships,

we find the seeds of self-discovery and growth.

Each ending is a new beginning,

inviting us to understand ourselves more deeply and embrace the promise of what lies ahead."

$250 for all 8 Sessions

Registration is first-come, first-serve.

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