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Marathon Intensive Relationship Therapy

Just you and your partner without the crowds for as long as you need.

Marathon Intensive Relationship Therapy allows you and your partner to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time by booking extended sessions. Marathon Intensive Relationship Therapy is like an “extreme relationship makeover” where you don’t have to take week-long breaks between sessions. See below for more information or book a free consultation now!

The Benefits of Marathon Intensive Relationship Therapy Include:

  • The opportunity to make significant progress in a shorter period of time than typical weekly relationship counseling. Because of the condensed nature of the intensive, couples are able to zero in on issues more quickly.

  • Because we spend an extended amount of time together, time is not wasted “catching up” between sessions. We are able to take short breaks and pick up where we left off more easily.

  • You will be able to share with each other without concern that the session will be interrupted. Together we will use as much time as it takes to make sure you are both understood.

  • You will receive the benefit of over 40 years of research compacted into skills and strategies to enable you and your partner to communicate and understand each other better. The Gottman Institute trains therapists all over the world, including Josh Kellar, to put Dr. John Gottman’s research into practice with couples just like you.

How Marathon Intensives Work


Intake Consultation

It’s important to determine what will be best for you and your partner. The 45 minute intake consultation via zoom allows Josh to walk you through what counseling with him looks like and answer questions you may have.



A confidential online questionnaire will be completed by each partner. This tool provides Josh with dynamics about the relationship as well as hopes for counseling.


Relationship Assessment

Josh will get a history of your relationship and gain an understanding of the ups and downs that brought you to where you are at now. He will then speak with each of you individually to understand any individual areas of concern.


Therapeutic Processing

Josh will share what he has learned about your relationship and the customized process for moving forward. For the duration of your intensive, we will dive into working through the issues and help you
gain new skills for building friendship, managing conflict and creating shared meaning together.

Some Things You Want to

Know and Understand

Who Should Participate in a Marathon Intensive?

Couples who desire to move through changes quickly.

Couples who are coming in from out of town.

Couples who find it difficult to schedule weekly meetings because of time constraints.

Couples in the midst of a crisis that need to see immediate shifts in their relationship.

Who Should NOT Participate in a Marathon Intensive?

Couples who will struggle with the intensive environment of this process.

Couples where either individual struggles with an active drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Couples in which there is an ongoing or undisclosed affair. 

If there is serious violence in the relationship.

If one partner is suicidal or suffers from a serious mental illness. 

What is the purpose of the intake consultation?

The intake consultation is used to make sure that Josh has a good understanding of what you are looking for with counseling. He will ask a series of questions to determine your need as well as walk you through his Relationship Recovery Process. You will also be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Josh will cover the fees for service as well.

Is the consultation free?

Yes, the consultation is free but there is a $100 refundable deposit to secure your spot on Josh’s calendar. You will receive the deposit back simply by showing up for the consultation appointment. 

Will we need to prepare anything before our marriage intensive?

There is the typical paperwork associated with counseling. Additionally, you will each receive a link to complete an online questionnaire. Your progress can be saved if you’re unable to complete it all at once. 

What does the schedule typically look like for the Marathon Intensive?

A full-day intensive will begin by 9:00. 3.5 hours of therapy in the morning followed by a 1-1.5 hour break for lunch. Another 3.5 hours of therapy in the afternoon. 

Half-day marathon intensives are 3.5 hours long.

Periodic breaks will be taken as needed during the therapy session as well. 

What if we need more than one day?

Therapy packages can be arranged for:

Half Day or

1, 2 or 3 days.

Marathon Intensive scheduling is dependent on Josh’s availability. 

Are Saturdays and Sundays available for scheduling?

YES! Depending on Josh’s availability, both Saturday and Sunday appointments are available for Marathon Intensive Relationship Therapy only. 

Regular weekly counseling appointments can be made following the intensive during regular business hours (M-F).

What does a Marathon Intensive Cost?

The exact cost of the Marathon Intensive is determined during the free intake consultation. Because every couple requires a different amount of counseling, it is difficult to project how much time will be needed until Josh hears more about your situation. Prices range from $900 for a half-day intensive to $4000 for a 3-day intensive. Once you’ve determined that a marathon intensive is right for you and dates are available you will be added to his calendar. Because of the time commitment required for Josh to block off large sections of his schedule, 50% of the total cost is due as a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on the calendar. You will receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical care will cost. 

Can I use my insurance?

Because the nature of the marathon intensive is unlike traditional counseling, insurance cannot be billed for the service. Josh is able to accept electronic savings account (ESA) payments. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure coverage by their ESA policies.

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